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Our Café and Store are located in the heart of Santo Domingo’s historic Colonial Zone. At the store you can try and buy all the products we produce. The café has a menu that includes great coffee, hot chocolate, teas and natural tropical fruit juices with a variety of sweet and savoury delights to accompany your choice of beverage.

Address: Calle Padre Billini #265, Colonial district, Santo Domingo, 10210, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic.

Opening hours: Daily from 4pm to 8pm

Telephone: 1 809 685 65 11

Artisan Goats Cheese

Our artisan goat cheese producing farmstead in the foot hills of the cordillera central in the Dominican Republic offers handmade artisan goat cheese on a small scale. The farm has a boutique dairy that takes care of its goats like family. We carry rind-less soft goat cheeses (chèvre cru) with fresh herbs from our garden, and soft ripened cheeses with natural rind (crottin, chabichou, chevrot).

Organic Yogurt

We have both cows milk and goat milk . Our yogurt has a rich velvety texture and all the probiotic benefits of natural yogurt.

From the Butcher

Goat meet is an alternative healthier red meat. It is a lean meat with very good nutritional qualities which appeals to the health-conscious consumer. When compared to chicken, beef, pork and lamb, goat meat is lower in calories, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, it also has higher levels of iron and higher potassium content with lower sodium levels.

Skin Care

Products made from goat milk, to take care of your skin. Natural biodegradable hand-made soap using our farm fresh goat’s milk. No phosphates, sulphates or parabens, great for people with dry and sensitive skin.

Natural Organic Honey

Harvested at the farm and infused with natural products from the Dominican Countryside. Nectar from various species of aromatic plants: lavender, savoury, thyme, camomile, rosemary and pennyroyal, as well as others from local wild flowers. Vanilla Bean infused honey that is light, aromatic, and smooth.

Organic Tropical Jams

Every jam is handcrafted using unique flavor blends and small-batches and filled with whole fruits and a splash of aged rum. Try our Tropical Fruit Medley or Banana Coconut Pineapple.

Organic Coffee

We have a selection of rich coffees from small producers from the Cordillera Central Mountains of the Dominican Republic. We carry a rich-flavoured dark roasted coffee, and a dark roasted coffee with just a hint of chocolate.

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