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Half day Excursion

The farm stages half day excursions to the farm from the city of Santo Domingo. You can choose between a morning or an afternoon visit. On these visits you will get:

  • Transportation from our café and store in Santo Domingo’s Colonial district.
  • A guided tour of the farm and small-scale cheese operation
  • A visit to our orchid and hummingbird garden.
  • A chance to visit our small-scale cheese operation.
  • Quality time interacting with our goats. Depending on the time of year you may be able to bottle feed a baby goat
  • An opportunity to sample our goat cheeses, organic yogurt and other farm products

Full day Excursion

This includes all of the activities described in the half day excursion plus a horseback ride, a swim in the river and a delicious Dominican farmers lunch.

Yoga with the Goats

Contact us to obtain up-to-date information about our yoga retreats led by renowned yoga instructors throughout the year, including natural cuisine and unforgettable sessions with our yoga goats.

In the City

Our Café and Store are located in the heart of Santo Domingo’s historic Colonial Zone. At the store you can try and buy all the products we produce. The café has a menu that includes great coffee, hot chocolate, teas and natural tropical fruit juices with a variety of sweet and savoury delights to accompany your choice of beverage.